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TriQuell Customer Reviews

       My six year old doesn’t always wipe thoroughly and this has led to some soreness and itching on his rear end. I helped him clean the area with TriQuell and he felt better immediately. Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

Mother of four December 31, 2014

       I was really surprised to see how much I had been leaving behind before I started using TriQuell. Great product!

Richard B. December 31, 2014

       I like to get really clean after going to the bathroom, but all the scrubbing I was doing with dry toilet paper was leaving me raw. TriQuell lotion has made it easy to get super clean without the friction that was damaging my skin.

Cassidy G. December 31, 2014

       My anal fissures were causing me so much pain that I dreaded going to the bathroom. In fact, it got so bad that I started skipping meals so that I could prolong the periods between bowel movements. Cleaning with TriQuell helped with the discomfort and ended my misery. I can’t thank you enough.

Bruce A, 23 December 31, 2014

       Before my mother passed away she was bedridden and could have really used a product like this one. I wish I had known about it sooner.

Pat V. 58 December 31, 2014

       My 5 year old niece keeps it (TriQuell) in her bathroom. She loves it and told her mom that it makes her feel so much better if she sometimes doesn't wipe very good.

K.J., Grapevine, Texas December 3, 2015

       I was a little raw today, so with some trepidation I tried TriQuell Lotion. The good news is that there was no burning and it did soothe my irritated skin.

R.S. 63 December 31, 2014

       When I became pregnant, I didn’t realize the irritation that would come along as I’ve tried to remain physically active.  I’m grateful that TriQuell has been able to relieve my irritation and itching.

Emily B., 29, Analyst December 31, 2014

       Training and participating in Iron Man competitions can cause some serious pain and discomfort.  TriQuell soothed this irritation and helped protect my skin during training.  I recommend TriQuell to my friends.

Carri, 31, Iron Man participant, Physician’s Assistant December 31, 2014

       I have both hemorrhoids and fissures and the medicated wipes I tried burned my butt so bad that I cried. I’m so thankful that I found your product.

Kelly 44 December 31, 2014

       I had been using another product that worked okay but smelled putrid. TriQuell works even better and because it doesn’t include added fragrance I’m no longer embarrassed by the odor.

Mel R. 70 December 31, 2014

       We LOVE Triquell!  Both my husband Jesse and I have tried it (maybe too much information), but it’s so soothing! Also, my dad has tried the Triquell and LOVES it!  He thinks it’s better than Balneol.

M.Bennett, Overland Park, Kansas December 3, 2015

       TriQuell is like my iPhone. Before I had an iPhone I didn’t think I even wanted one. Now I can’t live without it. I feel the same way about using TriQuell lotion. I had never heard about this type of product before, but now I use it every time I go to the bathroom. It keeps my skin soothed and moisturized and allows me to concentrate on other parts of my life.

Jake D., 55. December 31, 2014

Great product to use after pregnancy and labor. Ingredients aren't nearly as harsh as some of the products that the hospital gave me.

L. Strauss March 11, 2016

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Zach Butterfield - Fitness Instructor, Murray, Utah

Zach Butterfield – Fitness Instructor, Murray, Utah

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